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> SATURDAY 10:30AM – 6PM


12PM Show & Toon: Zorphbert & Fred with Dawn Griffin

Dawn Griffin, the author/artist of the hilarious webcomic, Zorphbert & Fred, teaches you how to draw characters from the hit series. Dawn will discuss the creative process and the journey of Zorphbert & Fred from first idea to finished book.


1PM How Comics are Created with Greg Burnham and Marcus Williams

Join the creative team behind the popular comic series, Tuskegee Heirs, for an inside look at how writers and artists work together to bring their ideas to life in the pages of comics.


2PM  Let’s go Lego! with Jason May

Lego cartoonist, Jason May, teaches you how to draw Lego versions of your favorite characters.


3PM Imagination Aquarium with Jamar Nicholas

Ever find yourself stuck for cartoon ideas? Put on your wetsuit and dive into the IMAGINATION AQUARIUM, where cartoonist Jamar Nicholas will help you catch ideas in your net and create awesome cartoons!


4PM The Three Tier Toon with Mark Mariano

What kind of wacky character will be the result of three different artists combining their talents in these Three Tier Toons? We welcome everyone to draw and laugh! 


> SUNDAY 11:30AM – 4PM


12PM The Childhood Challenge with Mark Mariano

Kids face off against the adults in a drawing contest that celebrates childhood! Both sides will draw products, toys, TV Shows, and characters from their childhood. The opposing side has to guess what it is.


1PM Art Celebration: Robot Riot with Jason May

Watch out! Here come the robots! Artists of all ages are welcome to join cartoonist, Jason May for this funtastic workshop. Using simple shapes and inspiration from everyday objects and appliances, artists will create their own rad robots.


2PM Draw The Shape, Not The Thing with Nick Davis

The secret to drawing is one simple thing, draw the shape, not draw the thing. Using a series of simple shapes, Nick Davis will show you how to draw Hero Ted, the super-heroic teddy bear who protects naptime from the monsters. You can follow along with Nick with the supplied worksheet, and draw your very own superhero. Best superhero gets the Hero Ted demo art at the end of the session.